Artificialisation, simultaneity, dynamism, evanescene, instability, dispersion: these are a few of the many variables that we today sense as characteristics associated with what we might call "conditions of our environment". These conditions of change are related to the transformation of new scenarios, but also to the transformations that may be glimpsed in behaviours sensitive to the current superposition and heterogeneity of social, cultral and spatial realities; conditions which allude to a diffuse and paradoxical time coexistences and interlinks, of relationships and alienations, of mixtures and slippages between the universal and the particular, the substantial and the anecdotal, the domestic and the collective, the local and the global- between the routine and the extraordinary, in sum- that trends increasingly to articulate situations and experiences, inherent and removed, and to which contribute decisively the prominent role of the new technologies, informatics and telematics, and of the realms of movement and communication, in current life at work and in home.
Events Produced in situations of collision and displacement. Of crossing and intersection. Criss-Crossing
via the metropolis dictionary of advanced architecture

21 January 2011

The way Nuri Iyem chose to look or imagine the Village women and men is beyond a figurative interpretation of that village life. The way an Iyem village woman looks is very Parisian in a way. It is dauntless and unblushing. She looks into your eyes directly that the observer suddenly become observed. This contrast of the "look" and attitude is such a parallel issue to the contrast of Digital and Craft. The way An Iyem Village man wears a lazer cut earing is the best reflection of this undergoing theme.

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