Artificialisation, simultaneity, dynamism, evanescene, instability, dispersion: these are a few of the many variables that we today sense as characteristics associated with what we might call "conditions of our environment". These conditions of change are related to the transformation of new scenarios, but also to the transformations that may be glimpsed in behaviours sensitive to the current superposition and heterogeneity of social, cultral and spatial realities; conditions which allude to a diffuse and paradoxical time coexistences and interlinks, of relationships and alienations, of mixtures and slippages between the universal and the particular, the substantial and the anecdotal, the domestic and the collective, the local and the global- between the routine and the extraordinary, in sum- that trends increasingly to articulate situations and experiences, inherent and removed, and to which contribute decisively the prominent role of the new technologies, informatics and telematics, and of the realms of movement and communication, in current life at work and in home.
Events Produced in situations of collision and displacement. Of crossing and intersection. Criss-Crossing
via the metropolis dictionary of advanced architecture

01 September 2010


Lygia Clark, Caminhando, 1964 (Photograph: Beto Felicio)

When the question is; What is the most simple way to interpret a two dimensional form to a
three dimensional form, I would think about " cut- outs" and twisting . Cut- Outs are a mechanism of volumetric generation. Producing cuts and ruptures in the original shape manipulate the original form to another form. This digital crafted necklace is a consolidated process of 2d to 3d interpretation. I designed the digital crafted necklace and the exhibition itself as the Mobius Strip which is one of the most simple ways to produce a three dimensional form from a two dimensional strip. Basically starting with a simple long strip, twisting , connecting the two ends and cut outs for volumetric interpretations.

My very first styling work for photographing of the necklace-poster I've been designed for the digital craft exhibition. My dear friend Elif Karaelmas made me very happy by accepting to be the face of this project. I belive she could transform herself very well to whom I imagined. The Projects Photographer My dear friend Behrang kalkatehchi made a great job by shooting this awesome frames.

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